September 20, 2009

That Dream

I dreamt a dream
about going to a place with the one i love
the one who love me back

the place on top of the mountain,
from i can see the vast lake down below
in twilight
with this soft music playin in background.

That dream, like all dream, will always be a dream. . . .

September 14, 2009

Something that i should be telling you

I'm happy when you are happy,
and laugh when you laugh.
We met because of music,
for i'm glad that i make music part of my life.

In our conversation there is no room for seriousness
Silliness is what we do
we never say goodbye,
for we talk everyday,
our silly talk.

I missed you badly when you are not around.
Waitin for you everyday,
as you give me a reason to smile.

there's something i wanted to tell you.
I think i'm fallin for you. . .