April 29, 2009


Sittin inside the exam hall,
Lookin outside the nature's beauty.

Almost misses another beauty sittin in front of me.
Those black eyes,
Those black long hair,
Her smooth skin,
Her lovely face.

I transfix.

{P.S. - I didn't fall in love with her, but she sure was beautiful ;P}

April 24, 2009

End Love

The end that some people
seek seems to come near me.

The love that everyone seek
seems never come near me.

Everyday i seek out for that
love but it never found me,

maybe the love that i seek
is at the end that some people seek

So, the day i meet the end
will be the day i found my love. . . .

April 17, 2009


Leaves are growin,
grass is greener,
broken bottles are gone,
broken heart heal,

I'm happy,
You are happy,
Everyone is happy. . . :)


Leaves ve fallen,
grass is not green anymore,
broken bottles,
broken heart,
tears is fallin frm my eyes. . . .

Itz over. . . .

April 10, 2009


"the LOVE that i long for is the LOVE that will hurt me"

April 8, 2009

That Moon

That Moon
that washed away all the stars.

That Moon
that washed away all the darkness at night.

That Moon
that i spend most of the night watchin it,
at the time when i was happy. . . . .

That Moon
that remind me of someone. . . .

That Moon
that i'm watchin right now. . . .

That Moon which is shining over me.


New moon
Breaking Dawn

Don't know why i read those books.
But every character,
every chapter,
every page. . . . .
tells abt my own life.
Sometime i see
myself in Edward
in Bella
n in Jacob. . . .
Those books attach to me like no other books,
emotionally. . .
But still, I don't know why ?
I read those books. . .

New moon
Breaking Dawn