December 19, 2009

To people who laugh at people who's different from others

The remark you make might be funny to you
but its hurtful to me,
it bring hatred into my peaceful mind,
and will bring more enemy into your condemned life.
Laugh away you fuck, for you will die one day choking on your own food.

I loathe you !!

(my apology for using f-word. This is an outburst)

December 4, 2009

Live your Life

Pendulum swings
The moment pass
Cherish your dream and
Live your life
The world is just a beautiful dream.

October 8, 2009


The day come and go
so is you
but the memories never leave
it rest at the corner of my mind
when time come, all of them creep out
reminding me of the day we spend
when we were happy
when we were together

i miss you baby
i wish i could rewind the time and correct all my mistake.

September 20, 2009

That Dream

I dreamt a dream
about going to a place with the one i love
the one who love me back

the place on top of the mountain,
from i can see the vast lake down below
in twilight
with this soft music playin in background.

That dream, like all dream, will always be a dream. . . .

September 14, 2009

Something that i should be telling you

I'm happy when you are happy,
and laugh when you laugh.
We met because of music,
for i'm glad that i make music part of my life.

In our conversation there is no room for seriousness
Silliness is what we do
we never say goodbye,
for we talk everyday,
our silly talk.

I missed you badly when you are not around.
Waitin for you everyday,
as you give me a reason to smile.

there's something i wanted to tell you.
I think i'm fallin for you. . .


August 31, 2009

On our own

You must've regret meeting me.
n i'm sorry for that.

We meet, become frens.
It was short but i enjoy every moment of it.
In that short moment you become my best fren, i fall in love wit you.
Thats it.
Nothin more. . . .

We are on our own.

August 28, 2009


You came into my dream, and light it up.
You came into my life, and make it beautiful.
But it seems you never told me who you really are.
You never show your face to me.
Still you light up my dream,
Make my life beautiful.

I fail to recognised you in these crowd.
But when i see you, and know you.
You would be the most beautiful girl in the whole universe.

August 8, 2009

Open your eyes

The one who leave
is a fool.
for you are beautiful and pure of heart,
who can make anyone happy.
grieving is for weak
and you are not.
Move ahead where road lies.

Open your eyes
see the world's beauty,
the blue sky,
the wide open arms of the ocean,
the bird flying away freely.

Open your eyes
n see the world's beauty.

July 24, 2009

No thought

Sitting here,
doing nothing.
With a piece of bread in my mouth.
Holding a pen,
thinking about writing something.

Should i write abt
I ask myself.

Nothing came into my mind,
because i got no feeling for anything at the moment.
Holding a pen,
sitting here
doing nothing. . . . .

July 15, 2009


i feel very cold.
the loneliness
that haunt me everyday
creep inside my body again.
why did you leave me
without sayin a word??

No amount of blanket can make me warm again.
I need you,
i want to feel ur heat,
hug you, embrace you.

I Miss You

July 9, 2009

O Rain !

O rain !

Why did you comeback now ?
The harvesting time is gone.

Are you tryin to flood my already damage field ??
Go back to your paradise,
i don't need you anymore.

You didn't come to me
when i need you,
by your own command.

O rain !

I will call you if i need you again.
For now stop hurting me.

O rain !

July 7, 2009


In this hot summer day,
i sit under the shade of this mango tree.
Watching the blue sky turning into grey one.

When the first drop of rain hit my face, it sends, chill down my spine.
That chill make me forget everythin.
My sorrow,
My misery &
My loneliness.

I feel for the first time,
what people called

July 6, 2009

When ??

When will you come to my life ??
The wait, the pain,
i could not take it anymore.
I need you right now
to fill my hollow heart.
Colour my colourless painting.
Give life to my lifeless body.

When will you come. . . . . . ?

July 2, 2009

Hopelessly in LOVE

The day i saw you,
itz one of my best days.
The smile on your face
your eyes, your voice.
I fall in LOVE with you right there.

I took almost a year to tell you my feeling.
Which you took 1 second to finish it.
But still i try to get near you,
be one of your frens.
That also i can't achieve it.

I'm hopelessly in LOVE with you.
N hopelessly wanted to be your fren.

Itz hurtin me like hell,
i wanted to forgot you,
which is just a hollow thought.


You are there
and i'm here
and we are miles apart
but our frenship seem so close.
Yet you love maths,
which i hate.
But still we are frens.
Cuz we don't need similar taste to become frens.

We promise we won't break it,
but i'm afraid it would someday.
As good thing didn't last long.

But whatever happen i won't forget you,
as you are too good to forget.

With lots of LOVE
For Gosia

June 24, 2009

Lifeless body

Starless night,
Windless day,
Rainless monsoon,
Lifeless body that i'm in.
Body that everybody torture it.
Make it pain.
Pain that i feel no more
for I have suffer long,
make my body numb from it.

Lifeless body.

June 23, 2009

Pen and Paper

Sadness hit me hard
drag me down
to the lowest part of the earth.

Loneliness creep up inside my body.
Like the devil eatin inside me.

Wanted to end it with the end of my life.
But the end of my life is not in my hand.

Soulmate is what i seek,
but God forget to make what i seek.

All this, i end it with
Pen & Paper.

June 16, 2009


Gone is the Wind,
As we are the Latecomer.

Gone is the Love,
As we are not in Peace

June 15, 2009

No to War

Blood spillin everywhere.
Body lying everywhere.
Broken glasses.
Walls with bullet holes.
Child's dreams broken.
Adult die violence dead.
Guns in school.
Blood in Holy places.
People with guns decide others fate.
Innocent kills.
Guilty one walks.

We always have an option, not to choose WAR !!

June 12, 2009


Why you weren't born here??

That eyes make me
feel warm inside my body,
That eyes make me
realize i'm alive,

The pounding of my heart,
The sound of it
travels thousands of miles,
around the world,
but it seems you never heard it. . .

I'm just a person lost in this wilderness.
But still have sense to say. . .


June 10, 2009


Love someone, but can't tell
if i do tell, didn't love me back.
Failure, luckless, misery, loneliness are some of my name.

I wish i was born invisible,
but no,
everybody notice me.
Stare at me,
Laugh at me.
Sometime i feel
i'm the joker in the circus of life.
Failure, luckless, misery, loneliness are some of my name.

I care for everyone,
but i feel nobody care for me.

I wish there's PEACE in this world,
so that i can die peacefully.

***(there's sm ppl who care for me though)

May 31, 2009

Anne Frank

The day passes
without seein a sunlight
without seein the moon
without seein the stars
inside a house like a prisoner.

You went to sleep with sound of gunfire,
wake up with the sound of gunfire

you face war at the outside world,
you face family war at inside world

but still you got lot of courage
and inspired many by
your writin,
your story
of war,
of family,
of love

may PEACE be with you always, wherever you are. . . . . .

(for Anne Frank)

4 buddies

To me you guys are best buddies
who help overcomes my fear
my bridge to cross a great sea
and i would do anythin for each of you guys
i'll tame a lion
bring down a wall

but when i didn't do it, don't think that i wouldn't
i'm waitin for the right moment

you guys are my best buddies.

May 30, 2009

Every sec

Every second u remember me
That every second, it hurts me.

It hurt me more than anythin else would've hurt me.

We are never meant to be together
we were never. . . .

You choose your own way and i choose mine. . .

I'm sorry. . . . We'll never be same again. . . .

(for someone i know)

May 20, 2009


When i saw you,
my heart skip a beat.

You visit in my dream that night.
Next day i smile all day long.

When u didn't come
itz a nightmare.

Finally i realize,
i have always been in love with you from the moment i first saw you,
my heart just didn't understand it.

But today,
I'm in LOVE with you,
and will LOVE you forever.


I saw you, yesterday
I dream about you, today
I'd miss you, tomorrow

thats when i'm gonna suffer.

May 1, 2009

The Place

A place who rules by demon.
A place a demon try to dethrone the demon.

Where the innocent suffers between the war of evils.

A place where dreaming is forbidden.

Where the kids got no future.
Where the protector is the destroyer.
Where we earn their livelihood not ours.

Kill us like u killed everyone.

A place where no dream or future is no place to live. . . .

April 29, 2009


Sittin inside the exam hall,
Lookin outside the nature's beauty.

Almost misses another beauty sittin in front of me.
Those black eyes,
Those black long hair,
Her smooth skin,
Her lovely face.

I transfix.

{P.S. - I didn't fall in love with her, but she sure was beautiful ;P}

April 24, 2009

End Love

The end that some people
seek seems to come near me.

The love that everyone seek
seems never come near me.

Everyday i seek out for that
love but it never found me,

maybe the love that i seek
is at the end that some people seek

So, the day i meet the end
will be the day i found my love. . . .

April 17, 2009


Leaves are growin,
grass is greener,
broken bottles are gone,
broken heart heal,

I'm happy,
You are happy,
Everyone is happy. . . :)


Leaves ve fallen,
grass is not green anymore,
broken bottles,
broken heart,
tears is fallin frm my eyes. . . .

Itz over. . . .

April 10, 2009


"the LOVE that i long for is the LOVE that will hurt me"

April 8, 2009

That Moon

That Moon
that washed away all the stars.

That Moon
that washed away all the darkness at night.

That Moon
that i spend most of the night watchin it,
at the time when i was happy. . . . .

That Moon
that remind me of someone. . . .

That Moon
that i'm watchin right now. . . .

That Moon which is shining over me.


New moon
Breaking Dawn

Don't know why i read those books.
But every character,
every chapter,
every page. . . . .
tells abt my own life.
Sometime i see
myself in Edward
in Bella
n in Jacob. . . .
Those books attach to me like no other books,
emotionally. . .
But still, I don't know why ?
I read those books. . .

New moon
Breaking Dawn

March 31, 2009

This Life

Like a bird without itz wings
Like a fish in a small bowl
Like a stars on full moon
i've been livin all my life. . . . .

lock inside this body, universe. . . . . . .

This life.

March 25, 2009


I got a Crush on a gal,
she lives so far away.
she doesn't know i exist,
but i try hard to get notice.
she did,
she'll reply to me sometime,
that would make my day.
n she wouldn't some other time,
that make me sad.

This Crush,
i'm waitin to get over
but itz not goin anywhere,
i fear it might turn into somethin,
cuz she lives so far.

This Crush
I long for it to gone

This Crush, This Crush

Deep inside
I still want it. . . . . .

March 22, 2009


YOU are more beautiful than the moon,
YOU are more beautiful than the stars,
YOU are more beautiful than the view of the sunset. . . .

YOU are the most beautiful person in this planet,
YOU are my LOVE


March 18, 2009


Iva. . . .
She came to me like an angel,
when i was in need of a fren. . . .
she listen to my sorrow like a song
support me,
encourage me,
n kind to me. . . .

Iva Iva Iva
you're an angel to me. . . . . :)

For : Ivelina Kirova

March 16, 2009

Love = Hate

I thought Love is all we need to bring Peace,
but Love only generate Hate,
it break your Heart
and everything. . . . .

March 12, 2009

Long thought

I couldn't sleep last night thinkin wat really happen,
i thought we were never meant to say goodbye but we did.
It wasn't your fault neither mine. . . . . .

Who should we blame ?? love. . .

Ya, i make a terrible mistake fallin in love with you
It break our frenship, it break our promise
It break everything

my heart. . . .

March 6, 2009

January 21, 2009

I cAn'T. . . . .

I start writin so that all the sorrow that i keep inside me can leave me alone, but i never imagine i'll end up hurtin someone i care. . . . Sorry. . . . But I can't stop it now :(

January 4, 2009

2009 !!!

ummm my New Year's Eve sucks. . . . . stay at home all alone doin nothin no party or anythin, stay up all night though, wishin frens over internet n cell. . . . . n when i finally wake up in new year, i got headache!! :P so, my beginin of New Year 2009 SUCKZZZZZZZ!!!!