July 24, 2009

No thought

Sitting here,
doing nothing.
With a piece of bread in my mouth.
Holding a pen,
thinking about writing something.

Should i write abt
I ask myself.

Nothing came into my mind,
because i got no feeling for anything at the moment.
Holding a pen,
sitting here
doing nothing. . . . .

July 15, 2009


i feel very cold.
the loneliness
that haunt me everyday
creep inside my body again.
why did you leave me
without sayin a word??

No amount of blanket can make me warm again.
I need you,
i want to feel ur heat,
hug you, embrace you.

I Miss You

July 9, 2009

O Rain !

O rain !

Why did you comeback now ?
The harvesting time is gone.

Are you tryin to flood my already damage field ??
Go back to your paradise,
i don't need you anymore.

You didn't come to me
when i need you,
by your own command.

O rain !

I will call you if i need you again.
For now stop hurting me.

O rain !

July 7, 2009


In this hot summer day,
i sit under the shade of this mango tree.
Watching the blue sky turning into grey one.

When the first drop of rain hit my face, it sends, chill down my spine.
That chill make me forget everythin.
My sorrow,
My misery &
My loneliness.

I feel for the first time,
what people called

July 6, 2009

When ??

When will you come to my life ??
The wait, the pain,
i could not take it anymore.
I need you right now
to fill my hollow heart.
Colour my colourless painting.
Give life to my lifeless body.

When will you come. . . . . . ?

July 2, 2009

Hopelessly in LOVE

The day i saw you,
itz one of my best days.
The smile on your face
your eyes, your voice.
I fall in LOVE with you right there.

I took almost a year to tell you my feeling.
Which you took 1 second to finish it.
But still i try to get near you,
be one of your frens.
That also i can't achieve it.

I'm hopelessly in LOVE with you.
N hopelessly wanted to be your fren.

Itz hurtin me like hell,
i wanted to forgot you,
which is just a hollow thought.


You are there
and i'm here
and we are miles apart
but our frenship seem so close.
Yet you love maths,
which i hate.
But still we are frens.
Cuz we don't need similar taste to become frens.

We promise we won't break it,
but i'm afraid it would someday.
As good thing didn't last long.

But whatever happen i won't forget you,
as you are too good to forget.

With lots of LOVE
For Gosia