May 31, 2009

Anne Frank

The day passes
without seein a sunlight
without seein the moon
without seein the stars
inside a house like a prisoner.

You went to sleep with sound of gunfire,
wake up with the sound of gunfire

you face war at the outside world,
you face family war at inside world

but still you got lot of courage
and inspired many by
your writin,
your story
of war,
of family,
of love

may PEACE be with you always, wherever you are. . . . . .

(for Anne Frank)

4 buddies

To me you guys are best buddies
who help overcomes my fear
my bridge to cross a great sea
and i would do anythin for each of you guys
i'll tame a lion
bring down a wall

but when i didn't do it, don't think that i wouldn't
i'm waitin for the right moment

you guys are my best buddies.

May 30, 2009

Every sec

Every second u remember me
That every second, it hurts me.

It hurt me more than anythin else would've hurt me.

We are never meant to be together
we were never. . . .

You choose your own way and i choose mine. . .

I'm sorry. . . . We'll never be same again. . . .

(for someone i know)

May 20, 2009


When i saw you,
my heart skip a beat.

You visit in my dream that night.
Next day i smile all day long.

When u didn't come
itz a nightmare.

Finally i realize,
i have always been in love with you from the moment i first saw you,
my heart just didn't understand it.

But today,
I'm in LOVE with you,
and will LOVE you forever.


I saw you, yesterday
I dream about you, today
I'd miss you, tomorrow

thats when i'm gonna suffer.

May 1, 2009

The Place

A place who rules by demon.
A place a demon try to dethrone the demon.

Where the innocent suffers between the war of evils.

A place where dreaming is forbidden.

Where the kids got no future.
Where the protector is the destroyer.
Where we earn their livelihood not ours.

Kill us like u killed everyone.

A place where no dream or future is no place to live. . . .