August 31, 2009

On our own

You must've regret meeting me.
n i'm sorry for that.

We meet, become frens.
It was short but i enjoy every moment of it.
In that short moment you become my best fren, i fall in love wit you.
Thats it.
Nothin more. . . .

We are on our own.

August 28, 2009


You came into my dream, and light it up.
You came into my life, and make it beautiful.
But it seems you never told me who you really are.
You never show your face to me.
Still you light up my dream,
Make my life beautiful.

I fail to recognised you in these crowd.
But when i see you, and know you.
You would be the most beautiful girl in the whole universe.

August 8, 2009

Open your eyes

The one who leave
is a fool.
for you are beautiful and pure of heart,
who can make anyone happy.
grieving is for weak
and you are not.
Move ahead where road lies.

Open your eyes
see the world's beauty,
the blue sky,
the wide open arms of the ocean,
the bird flying away freely.

Open your eyes
n see the world's beauty.