March 31, 2009

This Life

Like a bird without itz wings
Like a fish in a small bowl
Like a stars on full moon
i've been livin all my life. . . . .

lock inside this body, universe. . . . . . .

This life.

March 25, 2009


I got a Crush on a gal,
she lives so far away.
she doesn't know i exist,
but i try hard to get notice.
she did,
she'll reply to me sometime,
that would make my day.
n she wouldn't some other time,
that make me sad.

This Crush,
i'm waitin to get over
but itz not goin anywhere,
i fear it might turn into somethin,
cuz she lives so far.

This Crush
I long for it to gone

This Crush, This Crush

Deep inside
I still want it. . . . . .

March 22, 2009


YOU are more beautiful than the moon,
YOU are more beautiful than the stars,
YOU are more beautiful than the view of the sunset. . . .

YOU are the most beautiful person in this planet,
YOU are my LOVE


March 18, 2009


Iva. . . .
She came to me like an angel,
when i was in need of a fren. . . .
she listen to my sorrow like a song
support me,
encourage me,
n kind to me. . . .

Iva Iva Iva
you're an angel to me. . . . . :)

For : Ivelina Kirova

March 16, 2009

Love = Hate

I thought Love is all we need to bring Peace,
but Love only generate Hate,
it break your Heart
and everything. . . . .

March 12, 2009

Long thought

I couldn't sleep last night thinkin wat really happen,
i thought we were never meant to say goodbye but we did.
It wasn't your fault neither mine. . . . . .

Who should we blame ?? love. . .

Ya, i make a terrible mistake fallin in love with you
It break our frenship, it break our promise
It break everything

my heart. . . .

March 6, 2009