June 24, 2009

Lifeless body

Starless night,
Windless day,
Rainless monsoon,
Lifeless body that i'm in.
Body that everybody torture it.
Make it pain.
Pain that i feel no more
for I have suffer long,
make my body numb from it.

Lifeless body.

June 23, 2009

Pen and Paper

Sadness hit me hard
drag me down
to the lowest part of the earth.

Loneliness creep up inside my body.
Like the devil eatin inside me.

Wanted to end it with the end of my life.
But the end of my life is not in my hand.

Soulmate is what i seek,
but God forget to make what i seek.

All this, i end it with
Pen & Paper.

June 16, 2009


Gone is the Wind,
As we are the Latecomer.

Gone is the Love,
As we are not in Peace

June 15, 2009

No to War

Blood spillin everywhere.
Body lying everywhere.
Broken glasses.
Walls with bullet holes.
Child's dreams broken.
Adult die violence dead.
Guns in school.
Blood in Holy places.
People with guns decide others fate.
Innocent kills.
Guilty one walks.

We always have an option, not to choose WAR !!

June 12, 2009


Why you weren't born here??

That eyes make me
feel warm inside my body,
That eyes make me
realize i'm alive,

The pounding of my heart,
The sound of it
travels thousands of miles,
around the world,
but it seems you never heard it. . .

I'm just a person lost in this wilderness.
But still have sense to say. . .


June 10, 2009


Love someone, but can't tell
if i do tell, didn't love me back.
Failure, luckless, misery, loneliness are some of my name.

I wish i was born invisible,
but no,
everybody notice me.
Stare at me,
Laugh at me.
Sometime i feel
i'm the joker in the circus of life.
Failure, luckless, misery, loneliness are some of my name.

I care for everyone,
but i feel nobody care for me.

I wish there's PEACE in this world,
so that i can die peacefully.

***(there's sm ppl who care for me though)